What Role Are You Playing, Pt. 1? By Pastor Shari Stephens 1

POV is a term used in film making which stands for the “point of view”.  It is the viewpoint through whose eyes we see everything happening.  We only see what they see.  As you can imagine, it makes a huge difference in a story once you understand whose point of view you are hearing it from.

This is also true as you study the Bible.  Understanding the POV from each story can give you a greater revelation on the events and what is transpiring.  Let’s look at one of the favorites: Moses, Pharaoh and the Children of Israel.

The story in the Bible is told from Moses’ POV so we will save that for later but let’s start with the Children of Israel’s point of view.

They had been in bondage for 430 years, they knew a deliver was promised, but they, no doubt had lost hope.  Bondage and slavery can do that.  Out of the blue, Moses appears telling them God was coming to free them.  He wasn’t really one of them since he didn’t grow up a slave, but he brought with him signs and wonders and an unseen before power that compelled them to hear him.  Plus, anyone would follow someone wanting freedom.

Pharaoh’s POV was totally different. He was cruel, and he enslaved people for his own country’s gain.   He had worshiped pagan gods all his life. He was the ultimate in authority in a society that told him wrongly, that he was God.  He assumed he had the right to treat God’s people anyway he wanted.  Now things are happening out of his control, Moses has clearly changed from the Moses he remembers.  Now he is demanding that he let the people go to worship their God in the desert, knowing that they would never come back.

Moses’ POV in the story is totally different.  He has had a life changing encounter with God almighty.  He has received instructions and has been used to bring miracles to pass.  He is on the front lines of a move of God unlike any the world has ever see and it is mind blowing.  He is in constant communication with God who continues to tell him what to do, what to expect and what HE (God) is going to do about it.  God shows himself strong on Moses’ behalf and it extends to the Children of Israel being freed and ultimately the triumph of Pharaoh and Egypt.

Do you see how different the same story is from each POV?  The point of this lesson is that the best experience is from the one who has the most interaction with God.  The ones who benefited from God’s love and deliverance come in a close second.  But I think everyone agrees, the worst POV is from the one who found themselves in opposition of God, namely Pharaoh.

Check yourselves. How are your seeing things play out in your life?  How are you seeing God’s movements?  Are you viewing things from a defeated, broken Christian’s eyes who doesn’t realize he is now free?  Or are you viewing things from a victorious, overcoming believer’s perspective know that all things work together for the good of them that love the Lord?

How you view things going on in your life will impact how you live.  How you view things ultimately impacts your faith.

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  1. Pastor Shari,
    Thank you for sharing that was very encouraging word and right on time for me.
    Debra Black

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