How we got a home with no job, money or credit!! 0

I guess it is accurate to say that we have never found a home to live in on our own.  There has always been some supernatural activity by God involved to open up a door.  It’s not that people everywhere don’t rent or purchase homes very well on their own, but God has made it very clear to us that He has intended to use us as a blackboard to showcase His glory and reality in the midst of daily realities.  In other words, God is real and He cares about every single thing and, yes, He often wants to be involved in your daily decisions. But most importantly, He uses every opportunity for a testimony to reveal the fact that HE IS GOD!

The wonderful thing about the testimonies we all have from God is, that if you look at it, they are a beautiful series of events that all build upon one another to reveal a picture of an active God in our lives.  It is often hard to tell one testimony without referencing some other testimony or manifestation of God that lead you to it.  It is truly an ongoing revelation of God in our lives, a story He is building, a case He is making that “I AM God and I am yours!”

So to begin this testimony we have to go back about 7 years when God told us to begin our Christian Network, Pocket Parables Media.  We were to build an internet based network and film movies, short stories and shows.  All written, directed and produced by Christians to minister to the world.  Our mission is to reach the world through the power of the parable.  We received terrific direction and insight, began the work and both of us lost our jobs!  In the midst of starting the work we further found out that our landlord had lost our home and had failed to mention that very important fact to us.  We also found ourselves not only without employment but in a place with terrible credit.  There were no housing options before us.  Here we were, doing the clearly defined will of God for our lives and all hell seemed to have broken loose.  It made me question if I could even hear from God.

In a fit of depression and tears the Lord managed to speak to me one day and say, “You can stay here and keep crying and that will lead to depression or you can get up and walk with me.” So I decided to walk.  That whole week we walked and talked together.  The next week he said to me, “now go a little further” so I walked to the next corner.  When I got there, I sat on the bench to stretch and looked to my left and there was a lovely, big house, with a “for rent” sign out front.  I had never noticed this house before, even though I lived in the city for over 6 years.

The house was beautiful, and had everything we would need.  It was next door to a lovely little church and I heard the voice of God say, “this home is owned by a church and they are going to love you and let you use the church for Pocket Parables.”

We went to see it later that evening and as we walked through it we could feel the prayers of the saints in it.  They had been fixing it up and were praying for the right people to get it. As we were in the house we felt God and there was such a beautiful conversation with the deacon that he also took us on a tour of the church. While in the basement he said, “You know, I am sure you could also use the church for Pocket Parables.”  With that statement, I began to cry because God had literally just said that to me earlier that day.

Once we got outside, God said, never doubt that you hear from me again.  We got the house 3 days later, without credit, nor references, nor proof for income, and even though we didn’t have a deposit, God had someone sow a $1,000 seed to us so that we could go move in. How magnificent! (Actual home photo hidden for privacy)

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