A Statement for Believers By Pastor Shari Stephens 0

If you live your life in such way as to cause unbelievers to doubt the existence of God, if your actions, behaviors and words throw aspersion on the one we know is true, if your representation of Him in the Earth is so false as to trip those who would come to Him; you are in for a rude awakening.

If your politics mean more than your faith, if you spout party lines and not the gospel, If you defend politicians and not the savior, if you mask your religion in the tenants of any nation; then you haven’t understood your master’s words.

If you manipulate the people of God by lording over them in your services and denominations, if you insist on your sayings and not the word of God, If you control, beat and lash out at Christ’s bride on your own power kick know this; the true husband is soon coming.

If you think that there is safety in numbers, that because others behave the same way it is acceptable, if because others say they belong to Him and act ugly and you think you can hide and get away with it too, know this; no one will stand with you when you stand before the King.

If you deny the truth by your life, if you reject the Lord by your actions, if you are of the family of hypocrites then you are not of the family of God.

If you take every opportunity to think more highly of yourself than those around you, if you are angry reading this, if you are already thinking of how you are going to correct me; then your heart is not in the right place.

If love is not your response to life, if grace is not your answer to sin, if mercy is not your guiding force. If peace does not run through your veins, then go back, sit at your master’s feet, grow, wait for more and continue until you are more like Him and less like yourself.

He is waiting to reveal you as His son, waiting to show you what you could become if you hold fast to His truths, He is waiting to reveal what He is through you, let Him! Let light be your guide, let love be your standard and let truth be your words.

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