God of the Unseen By Pastor Shari Stephens 0

What a Christmas holiday we had!

Over the holiday I could have lost my husband in a real-life medical trauma.  We were in the hospital from December 26th – December 31st.  I will allow him to share his own details as he sees fit.  What I will say though, is what I came to see and know firsthand, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that God is my God.  God is my keeper.  Most importantly, God protects us from the seen, as well as the unseen.

I have always known this, I have always believed this, but because of a series of events, I saw the meticulous hand of God protect, provide and prepare everything concerning his health and our life together.  God reasserted that “I am with you” and “I am the God who goes before you” …even when you don’t know I need to.

So, you may ask, how do you prepare to trust God in the things you don’t see?  You prepare by trusting Him in all things, at all times.  You make this your lifestyle.  I am not saying that you, in any way, dictate the kindness or favor of God in your life.  However, you do control the relationship you have with Him. You control how much you look to Him or how you rely on Him.  You determine, how much you go after Him and how much you want to grow in Him.  These things make it easier to see when He keeps the unseen away.  These things help you to rejoice in another facet of His nature and kindness being revealed.

Isaiah 54:17 says, “no weapon forged against you will prevail” This doesn’t say only weapons you can see.  It simply says no weapon.

We must become mature enough to realize that the worst “unseen thing” isn’t just death.  Christ already defeated that! If Kevin had died, He would have been instantly in God’s presence, He would have been forever at peace, receiving his reward, in the fullness of joy.  Death, of a believer isn’t the “unseen terror”.  It is the condition of life, that is filled with the unknown.  This is where grace lies.  God extends his hand to establish the quality of life that you have.  We all want for so much.  We seem to be never satisfied, yet, God in His goodness provides, cares, loves and allows us his goodness daily.  You determine if you choose to live in it or not.

Thank Him for what He has provided and for the unseen dangers He no doubt keeps you from constantly.

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