Part 2: Second Experience with God/ College Faith 0

Please read “First Experience with God/ College Faith part 1” for context for this testimony.

After that first amazing experience with God’s direction and provision, I had plans.  I decided to work all summer, anywhere I could, to save up and prepare for the fall semester. No more struggle-bus faith summers for me!!!  I left the first year with $4,500 in debt that had to be paid off before I could enroll.  Plus, I still would need the $8,000 for the next year.  This seemed enormous.  Once again, however, God thwarted my plans with his own.  He told me to go minister to the children in a neighboring urban city for the summer, not to work and he would provide for me.

Now, even though He had done a wonderful thing getting me into school, expecting it to happen again, especially with the additional $4,500 on top was just a lot to believe.  But, I believed in obedience and faith.  I knew what He told me to do and I did it.  Throughout that summer, I managed to get just enough for a plane ticket.  By the time I had to return I really had nothing.

I went back a few days early because I intended on asking the family that I worked for if I could stay in the guest house, which would lessen my school bills.  They always asked about my grades, and how I was doing in school, so I thought they might be open to this idea. I still had no clear way to pay my debt and enroll for the next year, but I trusted that God did.

I began to share with them, on the morning after I returned, my suggestion and dilemma of owing $4,500.  The mom, who no longer had the ability to speak, began to blink out her code that she used to communicate with the family, and told her husband something that impacted me forever.

He got up, from eating his breakfast, changed out of his pj’s and put a personal check in my hand for $4,500.  At that time, I had never seen a personal check written for that much money.  He then drove me back up to the college to get enrolled.

When we arrived, one of his golf buddies, who also happened to be on the Board of the College, also happened to be walking in the door…at the exact same moment! My boss spoke to him on my behalf and after their conversation, I also had a supplemental scholarship to help with my tuition for the fall!  I was able to enroll that morning and get books for the fall semester.

Not only did God pay off the $4,500; he provided for the current bill with a precise, ordered meeting on our way in the door!

Nobody but God can have timing like that!!!!

Once again, I saw that obedience and faith led to an outstanding God experience.  I had another single, a car, a job, a scholarship and had been made debt free in one moment.

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